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The second season of NBC's comedy-drama series "The Mysteries of Laura" ended on a satisfactory note as the season finale was well received by the viewers who liked the way Laura solved her final case.

One of the major reasons why Season 2 of "The Mysteries of Laura" was praised by fans and critics is that the show's creators and producers actually listened to concerns that the viewers and critics had regarding Season 1.

The suggestions were taken into serious consideration by the show-runners and as a result, Season 2 of "The Mysteries of Laura" had an array of more complex and mysterious cases along with several new methods to challenge the series' titular character of Detective Laura Diamond (portrayed by Debra Messing).

According to Carter Matt, though the changes didn't affect the ratings much, "The Mysteries of Laura" Season 2 continued to consistently perform well and generated its own fandom among the NBC's viewers.

The website has stated that even though there are very narrow chances of the show returning for a third season, NBC might renew it in May when the channel has its upfront presentation.

In the final episode titled "The Mystery of the End of Watch," of Season 2, Laura and the team were convinced that Jimmy Chun was behind Santiani's murder, and that the bullet was intended to kill Laura.

Just when Laura prepared to interrogate Jimmy Chun, Santiani's mentally disturbed ex-husband Vince (Scott Cohen) kidnapped his own son. In the further investigation, it was revealed that Vince was actually trying to protect his son from Eddie and Richie Enzo.

In the meantime, after Santiani's death, Jake decided to ask Jennifer to marry him and at the same moment, Laura realised how much she wanted Jake back in her life.