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Season 2 of NBC's comedy-drama series "The Mysteries of Laura" concluded with Detective Laura (Debra Messing) finally realising her love for ex-husband Jake (Josh Lucas). Afterwards, she rushed to stop Jake from proposing to his new girlfriend Jen (Jenna Fischer). Unfortunately, Jake had already proposed to Jen and she was wearing Jake's ring.

Fans of the series will now never get to see what happened next as NBC has cancelled the series. After the announcement, Messing tweeted a thank you post for her fans and their support.

"My dear Diamonds — our story has ended but it was a joyous story to tell," Messing tweeted. "We are all so grateful to you for your love," she added.

According to Deadline, in a pleasant surprise to viewers of the show, show-runner Jeff Rake discussed what the third season of the series would have been like if the network hadn't cancelled it.

Rake said Jen would have returned the engagement ring to Jake in the premiere of the third season as she knew he had feelings for Laura, too. The decision would have been a hard one but eventually she would have taken it as Jen wouldn't want to jeopardise the life of Jake and Laura's children.

With Jen gone, Jake would explain to Laura what led him to have an affair outside their marriage that eventually ended in divorce. Jake also tells her he had an affair with a prosecution witness with whom the pair had worked together back in 2014.

Through his Twitter account, Rake also thanked the support and love of all the fans of "The Mysteries of Laura."

"A proper thank you would be way too long for Twitter. So briefly, to the cast, the crew, the writers, the fans, I am so grateful. Truly," Rake posted.