In the latest episode of "The Mysteries of Laura" titled "The Mystery of the Maternal Instinct," Laura will be shocked when she comes to know of a pregnant woman who has been murdered brutally.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, the body of a pregnant woman is found on the side of the road while the team is pursuing an international smuggling ring, but they soon discover something surprising about the goods being trafficked.

Laura is shocked to find the torn body of the woman and dreads what sort of person with nature of an animal could do this. She admits to Captain Santiani that in all her career, she has never come across such a gruesome case.

Santiani consoles her and encourages her to work on the case so that the criminal can be found as soon as possible. A determined Laura vows to find the murderer at any cost and sets on the trail with her team.

However, things are not as simple as it looks. Just when Laura thinks she has got a major lead on the killer, she finds out that he is a big name in drug smuggling; someone with whom she is familiar.

In the previous episode titled "The Mystery of the Dead Heat," while investigating the death of a gym owner, Laura found that he was actually killed. Initially, Laura suspected that his wife had something to do with it as she was behaving oddly.

However, soon Laura found about a couple who were planning a bank robbery. The gym owner was one of their partners and when he threatened to tell about the plan to the police, they killed him.

Elsewhere, Billy's mother wanted to meet his new girlfriend, so Billy came out with a plan to introduce Meredith to his mom without any of the other officers knowing about it. However, he had no idea that almost everyone in the department knew about their romance.

How Laura will break into the drug smuggling chain and get hold of the murderer, will be seen in the next episode.