‘Mugamoodi’ film poster
‘Mugamoodi’ film poster; Courtesy: Jiiva Facebook page

Tamil film director Mysskin's magnum opus "Mugamoodi" is all set to hit the cinemas on Friday. The film was certified 'U' by the censor board last week.

The trailer of the movie promises an action extravaganza. Presumably, "Mugamoodi" is Mysskin's batmansque Tamil film, which introduces a regional Batman-like hero, who fights the prevailing irregularities and evils in the society with utter self-righteousness and angst.

The film is likely to be a complete commercial entertainer, different from Mysskin's previous movies that usually deal with offbeat or hard-hitting stories.

He is known for his brilliance in narrating the story in a maverick style. His previous movies like "Chithiram Pesuthadi" and "Anjathe" were not expected to rock at the box office. However, they did became commercial successful, besides drawing applauds from film critics.

"Mugamoodi" is said to be Mysskin's brainchild, which has been in his mind for over 6 years. It is supposedly the first Tamil film that deals with a superhero concept.

"Mugamoodi" is a big budget film produced by UTV Motion Pictures, and its score is composed by Krishnakumar well-known as K.

The lead role is essayed by actor Jiiva, who has been building up his star value after he delivered a spate of hits in recent times.  

The "Mugamoodi" trailer shows Jiiva bashing the baddies and slinging from one building to another in a suit that reminds one of Hollywood's Batman. The movie also marks the debut of model and actress Pooja Hegde in the South-Indian film industry.

Narain, who was seen only portraying positive roles till now, has played a villain role for the first time in "Mugamoodi". His close relationship with Mysskin was one of the reasons to have motivated him to play the baddie in the upcoming superhero flick.

This is the third film of Narain with Mysskin. Earlier, they both teamed up for "Chithiram Pesuthadi" and "Anjathe", which helped the actor get a solid footing in the daunting Tamil film industry.

Versatile actors Nassar and Girish Karnad are the other big names in the cast crew of the film.

Given the fact that the movie deals with the superhero concept, which has been a fetish of Hollywood for ages, UTV South Chief Dhananjayan Govind appealed to movie-goers not to compare the film with western superhero flicks.

He tweeted, "#Mugamoodi is made from Indian context for our Tamil audience. Pl do not compare with Hollywood superhero movies with magical powers."

"The base of #Mugamoodi is on Kung Fu martial art & no gadget or magical power employed. You will love da film if your expectation is correct," he added.

"Mugamoodi" is expected to come as a visual treat for the audience with technical aspects that meet global standards, besides exceeding the expectations of movie-buffs.