My Sassy Girl
What could be the next evil move by Minister Jung Ki Joon?SBS

The SBS fictional drama My Sassy Girl will be back with episodes 21 and 22 next Monday, July 3, at 10 pm KST. It will continue to focus on the rivalry between Princess Hye Myung and Minister Jung Ki Joon.

A secret team-up between city scholar Gyeon Woo and officer Jung Da Yeon was very beneficial for King Hwijong and his loved ones. They did not just expose the illegal dealings between the ministers of Josean and Qing, but also helped the King to stop the marriage of his daughter.

Even the princess was really surprised to know about the secret operations of her friends and the shocking cliffhanger of episode 20 indicates that Qing prince Darhan helped them in executing their plans. Although the promo for episodes 21 and 22 do not show him, he may head back to Qing after settling things in Josean.

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The footage shows the King ordering an official investigation against the Minister of Taxation and his partner in Qing. It also features the male protagonist back in a palace as the Prince's teacher. When the Princess asks his lover, "You were reinstated as the Prince's teacher?" he says, "Now, I can see you more."

My Sassy Girl
Will Gyeon Woo fail to protect Princess Hye Myung?SBS

Elsewhere, Minister Jung Ki Joon tells his daughter Jung Da Yeon to forget about the city scholar. "I think you can't have Master Gyun. Give up on him." In the meantime, Dowager Queen Daebi Jahye asks her granddaughter to behave properly outside the palace.

"Whatever the reason for your going outside the palace is, show people your dignity and behaviour as the princess," Yoon So Jung's character says in the footage. The city scholar also gets some advice from his mother. "I do not want you to risk yourself. I do not want you to get along with the princess either," she says.

My Sassy Girl
Queen Park could make her next evil move in My Sassy Girl.SBS

The trailer even features a heated argument between the antagonists. When Queen Park asks the Minister, "He got caught for committing treason. Did you really not know of this?" he says, "You seem to be curious about so many things your highness."

However, the Korean drama lovers will have to wait until next Monday to know more about the show as SBS is yet to release the promotional photos for the upcoming episodes. In the meantime, you can catch up with the first 20 episodes online here.