We have entered the New Year aka 2016, and there is still no update regarding the premiere date of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" Season 6. Even before the finale of Season 5 titled "The Cute Re-Mark" (part 2) aired, it had been announced that Discovery Family has renewed the animated series for yet another season that will feature 26 episodes. However we have not received an official announcement regarding the same since then.

Considering the trend from previous seasons of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" we are anticipating either an April 2016 or a November 2016 premiere for Season 6. We have also received a tentative episode list for the upcoming season, which was released by "Moliminous" YouTube Channel. According to him, here are the episodes names for Season 6 of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic":

Cutie-Pie Castle Part One
Cutie-Pie Castle Part Two
Starlight Express
Cutie Marks the Spot
Rainbow Rescued
Most Excellent Princess
Runaway Success
Apple Family Recipe
Fall For the Cutie
Out of this World
Royal Guard
Wonderbolt' Premiere
Everfree Caverns
Less than Hero
Fear and clothing in Las Pegasus
Hoarder Spoder
Scoot Over
Star Swirl Society
Uncle Spike
Darling Little Angle
Joke's on You
Cake Walk
Big Trouble and Little Equestria
Element of Courage
One in Two

It is the episode name Uncle Spike that had us confused, but as Moliminous clarifies, it could be a reference to Princess Cadance and Shining Armour's baby. He is after all, more or less, a brother to Twilight Sparkle, who is sister to Shining Armour.

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