Google Flutter

Instead of introducing a new Pixel phone or a hardware device, Google has announced the first beta SDK (Software Development Kit) of its Flutter UI framework at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018.

It is a cross-platform development framework which received an alpha SDK release in 2017. Google claims to offer a source for developers to build high-quality interfaces for Android and iOS.

The software development kit comes with preloaded UI widgets for Material Design and supports Android Studio, Visual Studio Code and iOS-style widgets.

What is this product?

It allows coders and developers to create their own application which will work on iPhones and Android devices. 

Google Flutter

Google has already used Flutter in some of its projects. The Fuchsia OS was also built on Flutter, and apps like AdWords are also using the product. With the launch of the new SDK, Google is aiming to influence developers to start using Flutter for building cross-platform apps.

Don't get confused between Flutter and Fuchsia. Basically, Fuchsia user interface was built with Flutter SDK. And the apps which are made with Flutter are directly compatible with Fuchsia.

"We're thrilled to see Flutter's ecosystem thriving. There are now over 1,000 packages that work with Flutter (for example: SQLite, Firebase, Facebook Connect, shared preferences, GraphQL, and lots more), over 1,700 people in our chat, and we're delighted to see our community launch new sites such as Flutter Institute, Start Flutter, and Flutter Rocks," Google Product Manager Seth Ladd wrote in a blog post.

According to Google, it is also looking forward to releasing its 1.0 version which will focus on more stabilization. The search giant claims that by using Flutter, developers won't have to make any compromise on the quality and performance.