Jaya Karnataka party chief and former don Muthappa Rai recently spoke about his deteriorating health due to brain cancer. The 68-year-old social activist also revealed that he has prepared a legal will pertaining to his property and chose to retire from public life as he is now living in his farmhouse in Bidadi.

Due to the seriousness of Rai's illness, a report about his death had gone viral. A lot of followers and people were sharing their condolences on the news of Rai's death. But it turns out the reports and viral messages circulating on WhatsApp groups about Rai's death are fake.


International Business Times, India reached out to Sumanth Billava, Jaya Karnataka, BTM Constituency President, to confirm the authenticity of the viral information that had been making the rounds of the internet. In a statement, Sumanth said that the reports about Muthappa Rai's death are fake.

Muthappa Rai
Muthappa RaiFacebook photo section

"A false news about Muthappa Rai's ill health has been doing rounds for the last few hours. He is healthy and fine. Please don't heed false rumours. Don't take coronavirus lightly. Follow all the government orders on the lockdown. Maintain social distancing and help Karnataka to eradicate corona," Sumanth said while adding inputs from Muthappa Rai.

Rai on his health

Rai was first diagnosed with liver cancer a year ago. Just when doctors were seeing progress in the treatment, Rai was diagnosed with brain cancer and doctors gave him a few years to live. "

Muthappa Rai
Muthappa RaiFacebook photo section

I am 68-years-old now. I survived even after being hit with five bullets. I am not afraid of death and living entirely on will power. I will continue my social service," Rai was quoted as saying.

In the legal will of his properties, Rai has named his children and has also added that a residential plot is to be given to his associates who had been with him for 15-20 years.

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