Mutant Calf
Without front legs, this calf has become the centre of attraction in China. YouTube Screenshot: AngelWill

Wang Shiyouhe, a farmer and bull dealer in the Shandong province of East China bought a mutant calf which has just two legs in its body. At the first glance, the mutant calf just looks like a Kangaroo, and Shiyouhe bought it after one of his friends brought it to his attention. After buying the calf, Shiyouhe revealed that he has never seen such a creature with similar birth defect in his life.

In a recent talk with the local media, Shiyouhe revealed that he is very optimistic about growing the calf. The farmer who purchased the calf for $28 said that he is spending nearly $8 to buy milk for the mutant animal. He also expressed his hope to grow the mutant calf to maturity despite the physical obstacles it possesses.

As the calf has only two legs, it has a major problem walking and was trying to crawl in the ground. Shiyouhe is now trying to teach the calf to walk on two legs like a kangaroo and he hopes that the calf will lead a normal life in the future. Shiyouhe's children have already fallen in love with the calf, and they are now in charge of feeding milk to the mutant being.

As many local media outlets reported news about the mutant calf, people in the neighboring villages are now paying a visit to Shiyouhe's house to see it. Local residents are apparently stunned to see the calf trying to walk like a Kangaroo using its two legs. 

This is not the first time that birth defects caused due to animal mutations are perplexing scientists. In 2014, a goat with eight legs was born in Croatia. Interestingly, the goat had both male and female reproductive organs. As per experts, an underdeveloped twin sibling which lived in the mother goat's womb is the reason behind the new born's eight legs and twin reproductive organs.

A few years ago, several cats with wings were born in Southern China. However, in these cases, the presence of wings on cats did not harm these animals or their quality of life.

Apart from these examples, there are many other cases of genetic mutations including a snake with foot, a cat with one eye, a frog with three heads, and the list goes on.