Mathu Vadalara
Still from Mathu VadalaraTwitter

Mathu Vadalara, directed by Ritesh Rana with Simha Koduri in the lead role, is a crime thriller which has been praised immense praise for its amazing screenplay and plot. The music for the movie has been composed by Kala Bhairava. Simha and Kala Bhairava are the sons of MM Keeravani.

The film is making headlines for all the right reasons. The film has been made with a minimum budget of Rs 2.1 crores and had surprisingly made profits even before its release. Neither the director nor the production had hired a team for digital intermediate and visual effects for the movie. 

Mathu Vadalara
Poster of Mathu VadalaraTwitter

Four youngsters from the director's team did the necessary visual effects, which are the cherries on top of the cake. All that the producers have done is give them two computers and two graphic cards. Kudos to the young team for making such a wonderful film with their creative minds.

It is known that Kala Bhairava and Simha are nephews of Rajamouli. Undoubtedly, it is understood that the brothers have learnt a lot from their uncle who is the creative mind behind Baahubali. One can definitely believe that the director has trained the young guys and taught them some important things. Lot of visuals and scenes stand away from the crowd and make the movie one of the most creative films of 2019.


Rajamouli, who watched the film at the premiere is spellbound with the work of his boys and the whole team of Mathu Vadalara.

"Watched #MathuVadalara last night! A gripping suspense thriller with loads of fun... @RiteshRana is a talented new age director and has a bright future ahead. Maa pillalu gurinchi nenu elaa cheppukovaali... I am really proud of @simhakoduri2302 and @kaalabhairava7 But please let me know your opinions... It will surely help them correct themselves and get better... Congratulations to Clap Entertainment & @MythriOfficial. #MathuVadalara," he wrote on Twitter.