The communal groups in Mangalore in Karnataka showed their extremism yet again when they stripped and flogged a Muslim man for talking to a Hindu woman, who was his colleague.

The man is the manager of an accessories store, while the woman was an employee there, and the two were reportedly walking to an ATM when they were attacked by a group of suspected Bajrang Dal activists, Hindustan Times reported. 

The activists then reportedly stripped the man, tied him to a pole and beat him up, while the woman was slapped. 

The incident took place in a crowded marketplace and the men were reportedly armed with knives. 

It is not clear from the report as to when the incident took place. 

The police have reportedly arrested at least 14 of the suspected Bajrang Dal activists. 

Bajrang Dal is among the several communal groups in Mangalore and other parts of Karnataka who resort to violent attacks. 

In 2009, members of right-wing Hindu outfit Sri Ram Sena had attacked some women for going to a pub, leading to national outrage.