Constance about to be beheaded in 'The Musketeers'
Constance about to be beheaded in 'The Musketeers'Screenshot/Youtube

Season 2 finale of BBC's historical-action drama "The Musketeers", titled "Trial and Punishement", will be aired on Friday, 27 March.

The show is at a pivotal point wherein the King has been poisoned, doctor Lemay has been arrested, and Constance has been wrongfully implicated.

In "The Accused", "The Musketeers" and Queen Anne fell into the trap laid by Rochefort (Marc Warren). Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and the Queen (Alexandra Dowling) have been arrested for treason, and Constance - who disagrees to testify about the Queen's infidelity with Aramis - is sentenced to execution by beheading.

The promo for "Trial and Punishment" begins with the sharpening of a sword, as a pale, scared and chained Constance (Tamla Kari) is led towards the place of execution. As Aramis, chained and imprisoned, tries to make sense of what is happening outside, Captain Treville (Hugo Speer) tells Rochefort: "This is cold-blooded murder".

When Rochefort justifies the execution by calling it justice, the captain says that the Spanish spy does not know the meaning of the word. Rochefort further tells the captain that it is time for him to choose: "Is you loyalty to your king, or to your treacherous friends?"

As a man tries to blindfold her before her execution, Constance stops him and says she wants to "see as much of this world as I can, before I leave it". The promo ends with the executioner drawing his sword to strike Constance.

However, if the fans know anything about "The Musketeers", it is that they would arrive at the right time and save their own. "All for one, and one for all," as they say and Constance, D'Artagnan's romantic interest, definitely fits as one of their own.

Another event anticipated in the finale of Season 2 is the trial of Aramis and Anne for treason. "It is Rochefort who is the traitor. Rochefort who is the enemy. Rochefort who should be on trial," Aramis is heard saying during his hearing.

Will King Louis (Ryan Gage) be gullible enough to let Rochefort sentence his own wife to death?

Find out in Season 2 episode 10 of "The Musketeers" on BBC at 9.00 pm (EST) on Friday, 17 March.