Malayalam music director M Jayachandran, who was recently insulted at the Karipur International Airport by a customs official, has shared details about the incident on his Facebook page on Saturday, 5 December.

As per his Facebook post, the singer was on his way to Bahrain and expressed his displeasure to a senior custom official for letting some people break the long queue at the baggage checking counter at the airport.

"He said this is his place, his world, where everything happens to the set of rules he sets and that nobody dare raise voice against his oppressive ways...and...began shouting at me," Jayachandran writes on his Facebook post.

However, it is said that the musician was even called "useless" and had to hear the "verbal diarrhoea" by the official.

"If you think you are a big musician and celebrity, keep it to yourself...Here you have absolutely no voice..if you raise your voice, I will take action against you," he added.

Following the incident, in order to lodge a complaint against the senior official, Jayachandran met the airport manager, who was courteous and respectful to him.

"I was insulted and abused in front of all the passengers and airport workers. I had no other way but to go straight to the airport manager and complain," he further says.

Having travelled to many countries as part of his career, Jayachandran feels disappointed for having such a bad experience in his motherland, and called such officials as ruthless tyrants from the dark ages.

"I feel sorry for my brothers and sisters who toil hard day and night in the gulf and land with their dreams at Karipur Airport...It is nothing less than brutal slavery...How long can we keep our mouths shut?? In a democratic country like ours how can we allow such officers to rule the roost?? I dont want anybody else to go through the torture that I underwent..Let us get together and fight it out till it is a new morning at Karipur Airport, with the tyrant shown his way out, " he writes.

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O My God!!!I had a nightmarish experience at Karipur Airport,Calicut,two days back,where some of the customs officials...

Posted by M Jayachandran on Friday, December 4, 2015

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