Yuvanshankar Raja
Yuvanshankar Raja Twitter/Yuvanshankar Raja

In a sudden turn of events, music composer Yuvanshankar Raja has de-activated his Twitter account.

Yuvan, son of noted music director Ilayaraja, had recently revealed that he is following Islam, while denying rumours about his third marriage.

"I'm not married for the third time. That news is fake and yes I follow Islam and I'm proud about it. Alhamdhulillah," Yuvan tweeted.

On his family's reaction, Yuvan said, "My family supports my decision and there is no misunderstanding between me and my dad."

Following the revelation, several fans and celebrities came in support of the 34-year-old music composer. Apparently, Yuvan had received some unwanted messages upon his decision to follow another religion. Buzz is that the music composer was upset with the development and decided to de-activate twitter account. However, the actual reason behind Yuvan's decision to quit twitter is not known.

Ever since the music composer revealed that he is following Islam, speculations about his decision to convert have been rife. According to reports, marital issues and the death of his mother has caused agony to the music composer. "This had a telling effect on his career too. On the one hand, his married life did not go well while on the other hand, he lost his mother and did not have a good relationship with his father," a musician who has worked closely with Ilaiyaraja, told India Today Online.

After his first marriage ended in divorce, Yuvan married Shilpa for the second time in 2011. It seems there have been some marital issues and the composer's second wife is reportedly living with her parents in London.

Yuvan's relationship with his father was not good and the veteran had reportedly objected to his son's attitude on many things.  "At one point, Ilaiyaraja moved out of his house and started living with his elder son, Karthick Raja, also a music director. Some months ago, Ilaiyaraja suffered a heart attack. So I think all these developments played havoc with Yuvan's mind," the musician added.

Apparently, Yuvan was affected by these issues and he was looking for solace. Earlier, there were rumours that director Ameer inspired Yuvan to follow Islam, but the composer denied them. Another rumour is that Yuvan decided to follow the religion after meeting a spiritual guru.

Yuvan has been following Islam for almost a year now and is reportedly considering changing his name, but he is yet to decide on that.

The multi-talented musician has worked on the soundtracks in 100 films so far. His upcoming projects include "Vettai Mannan" and "Anjaan" among others.