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The Season 9 finale of CBC's "Murdoch Mysteries" will see the good detective racing against time as he rushes to save an injured Julia.

Season 9 episode 18 is titled "Cometh the Archer" and it will see Julia being shot by an adversary from the past. The motive remains a mystery, but fans have come up with a number of suspects, with many pointing out that it could be James Gillies, who was previously believed to be dead. Other suspects include Eva Pearce and Leslie Garland.

According to the description of "Cometh the Archer" on Wikia, Julia will be shot three times just as she opens the door to let in room service.

The scene opens with the duo in bed on a Sunday morning. The couple had just decided to start constructing their dream house so that when they finally adopt a child, he/she will have a cosy home. Their conversation about taking a risk with Julia's cooking is interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Three shots are heard, William springs out of bed to find a fallen and unconsciousness Julia, gravely wounded. It's a race with Time to get her to hospital to save her life," the summary reads.

Will Julia die in "Cometh the Archer"? The official Twitter account of the show has been preparing fans for the death of a character, noting that "Murdoch Mysteries" was after all a murder mystery show.

"People die. It's part of life. Plus it's a murder mystery show," one tweet read.

If the season ends of a cliffhanger, then fans will have to wait till Season 10 to find out Julia's fate. Unfortunately, it is a long wait, as filming for Season 10 will start only in late May.

"Murdoch Mysteries" airs Mondays on CBC.