This week's episode of CBC's "Murdoch Mysteries" will see the investigator probing the poisoning of an anti-temperance politician.

According to spoilers on the Murdoch Mysteries wikia page, the episode will see Crabtree in a chalkboard scene with Ogden and Rebecca. There will also be a morgue scene with Ogden, Rebecca and Mr. Richards.

It looks like viewers will learn more about Rebecca's past in the coming few episodes. As of now, all that we know is that Rebecca is from the U.S. and she had a wealthy patron who helped her get into medicine.

Her primary aim is to finish schooling and practice medicine, but it won't be such an easy task, teased actress Mouna Traoré, who plays Rebecca.

"She is really, really curious about medicine and, of course, she wishes she could complete her schooling and practice medicine, but maybe she feels there are too many obstacles in the way and it's more important to take care of herself than get back to medical school," the actress told TV, Eh?

Traore also hinted that racism is a hurdle that Rebecca will face in the upcoming episodes. Although Ogden and Murdoch have been pleasant to her, not everyone shares their sentiments.

"We will see, as the season progresses, not only how Rebecca deals with racism, but the other characters as well," the actress said.

The summary for the episode reads:

With drunk and disorderly behavior running rampant in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood, the temperance movement advocates The Local Option, a prohibition measure that will curb liquor sales in the area.

Inspector Brackenreid learns he must endure prohibition measures at home when Margaret invites radical anti-alcohol activist Carrie Nation to stay with them. Mrs. B is back!

Meanwhile, Murdoch and team investigate the poisoning of an anti-temperance politician.

The Canadian investigative drama is aired Mondays at 8pm (8:30pm NT) on CBC. Viewers in the US can watch the most recent seasons through Ovation TV and Acorn Online.