Murdoch must use all his resources to stop a potential war between the US and Canada in the upcoming episode of "Murdoch Mysteries", which will air on Monday, 9 November.

The episode is entitled "24 Hours Til Doomsday" and fans will see Murdoch racing against the clock to stop a secret space programme that might incite war.

Teasing what's in store for viewers in the upcoming episode, CBC has uploaded a sneak peek of the episode that shows Murdoch and Julia being followed by an unknown figure.

"After enjoying a screening of the moving picture "A Trip to the Moon," Murdoch and Ogden are followed by a mysterious what may be a matter of national security," CBC captioned the video.

Catch the episode live at 8 pm on CBC. Viewers in the US can watch the most recent seasons through Ovation TV and Acorn Online.

Monday's episode will also see the return of James Pendrick, who will have a new invention and a woman by his side when Murdoch runs into him. Pendrick was last seen in "The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch."

Just a week after saying goodbye to Dr. Emily Grace, "Murdoch Mysteries" introduced a new character last week. Rebecca James, played by Mouna Traoré, made her appearance in "Barenaked Ladies" as the morgue's cleaner. However, Julia soon finds out that there's more to Rebecca than she lets on.

"Over time I become suspect that she knows a lot more than she's letting on," actress Hélène Joy told TV, Eh? during a set visit earlier this year. "She knows anatomy, she seems to be pulling in the environment, so Julia starts giving her books to read, and over time it becomes really obvious that she's much more than she admits."