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There will not be a new episode of CBC's investigative drama "Murdoch Mysteries" as the show is now on a hiatus after wrapping up Season 9. 

The next season will bring a lot of changes in the lives of all key characters and according to show-runner Peter Mitchell, Crabtree, who has been unlucky in love so far, will find a permanent partner. Last week's episode saw him making a connection with Nina Bloom, played by Erin Agostino, but it is too soon to say if she will remain by his side throughout the season.

"Nina is the kind of character we always want on the show because she's very polarising," Mitchell told TV, eh? "Half the fans love her and half the fans hate her, which means we want her! [Laughs.] As Season 10 begins, he does have a permanent partner. Whether that lasts for the length of the season, we'll find out." 

Elaborating on what to expect next season, Mitchell said several topics that were touched upon in the Season 9 finale will be explored in the upcoming instalment. For instance, fans will see if William will build his dream home and if they will adopt a child. Also, Rebecca will be entering medical school, and the show will explore how being a black woman affects her medical studies.

Regarding the stories that will be explored in Season 10, Mitchell said there will be some "unexpected returning characters."

"We're mining some historical figures that we want to bring in like we normally do," Mitchell said. We're seriously kicking around H.P. Lovecraft right now, just in time for Halloween! He's a very interesting character who was about 15 years old at this time. I also think we'll be dealing with the Toronto fire in some shape of form because this is the year. It's also an Olympic year and I know somebody who is an archer and somebody who is a big soccer fan, both of which were events at the Olympics in St. Louis."