Murdoch Mysteries
Pictured: The poster for Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries.Facebook/Murdoch Mysteries

Season 10 of CBC's Murdoch Mysteries will premiere on Monday, October 10, with the episode Great Ball of Fire, Part 1, and it will see focus on Julia Ogden's emotional state after her near-death experience in the Season 9 finale.

Julia is experiencing post traumatic stress disorder, and according to actress Helene Joy, who plays Julia, it's interesting to explore yet another facet of the character. "At the beginning of season 10 we find Julia reeling from the trauma we saw at the end of season nine," Joy revealed to International Business Times India. "She's experiencing post-traumatic stress which was really interesting, from an actor's perspective, to play. It's always a fun process to branch out and explore a character in an entirely different way. We are able to do this because the audience is already familiar with Julia."

As for the similarities between herself and her on-screen character, Joy said Ogden has become an alter ego she can easily slip into, as she has been playing the character for so many years. But that doesn't mean the character has lost its appeal. "After this many years of playing the same character, the writers are able to take Julia to new emotional levels. I welcome the various challenges and like the physical stunts that we saw in season nine and I hope that continues," she added.

Season 10 is going to be an interesting journey, and the premiere will deal with one of the greatest events in the history of Toronto -- the Great Fire of 1904. The episode is written by showrunner Peter Mitchell and will also feature a debutante ball where the single ladies will vie for the affections of Rodney Strong, the character essayed by Kyle Cameron.

So what more can Joy tell us about Season 10? "This season, I know fans won't be disappointed with what's in store. I'm thankful for their viewership (around the world!) because we certainly will take them to new places this season. I can't say any more or else I might slip a spoiler!" she said.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 pm on CBC.