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In Chhattisgarh's Raigarh area, the police cracked a case of looting cash from an ATM van and a murder case within 10 hours. The police stated that the miscreants were arrested after they robbed the cash van in broad daylight in Raigarh.

Rs 14.5 lakh were looted by two bikers from an ATM van from Kirodimal Nagar. The weapons used by the accused have been recovered. Two men, who were on a bike, shot the driver and the guard of the cash van and carried out the robbery.

Driver died of gunshot, guard is still hospitalised

The driver died of the gunshot and the guard is still hospitalised. The police stated that other details will be made available during the later part of the day.

IG Dipanshu Kabra and Raigarh SP Santosh Singh gave the information about the incident on Twitter. The two tweeted that Raigarh police recovered the cash and weapons within 10 hours of the incident. Sources stated that inputs from a police constable, the CCTV footage and police barricades helped in arresting the miscreants.

The two men carried out the loot and murder and escaped from the spot on Friday afternoon. They had covered the face and had assessed the roads next to the ATM at Azad Chowk area to decide their plan of action and escape route.

They parked the bike behind the cash van and shot the van driver first followed by the guard. After this they went to the ATM, looted the money and escaped. Van driver has been identified as Arvind Patel (37).

'The two men seem to be from some gang': Police 

The CCTV footage showed the men speeding away on their bike with covered faces and pointing a gun at passersby. The investigation is still on in the matter.

ASP Raigarh, Abhishek Verma, stated, "The two men seem to be from some gang. They came and looted the cash during the ATM refill and killed the driver. The investigation is still on."

The post on Twitter garnered a lot of support and appreciation from users. While some thanked the police for the swift action, there were some users who said that people have no earnings and no source of income during the coronavirus pandemic. This has forced many people to steal, loot and murder.