In the latest episode of ABC's "The Muppets", titled "Single All the Way", Kermit and others prepare the set of Miss Piggy's show for the Christmas special show.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, the gang is preparing for the annual Up Late live Christmas special with special guest Mindy Kaling. Animal is in charge of tinsel, Sweetums hangs the lights, Sam Eagle strategically places the mistletoe — everything is in order. Or so it seems.

Meanwhile, Miss Piggy offers relationship advice to Fozzie, which forces her to reevaluate her relationship with Kermit. Yolanda rigs the Secret Santa gift exchange, and Echosmith performs at the crew's Christmas party.

In the previous episode, titled "Going, Going, Gonzo", Gonzo debated attempting a stunt from his past that he never completed, prompting Kermit to schedule it for the show.

Despite a near-accident caused by Sweetums and Gonzo during her performance with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Miss Piggy planned to promote her new product called Piggy Water.

Meanwhile, Scooter attempted to change his image with the help of The Electric Mayhem. Dave Grohl later performed on the show as Gonzo's cannon shot stunt to the other roof is a success.

During the credits, Grohl and Animal competed in a drum-off which ended in a draw.

Previously, in the absence of Kermit, Scooter filled in for him, which led to some incidents like the air conditioner breaking and the resulting condensation causing the power to go out. Scooter considered giving up until Gonzo talked him out of it. At the same time, Sam tried to find common ground with Janice.

Scooter developed a crush on Chelsea Handler after she appeared on the show. Meanwhile, Kermit and Denise went on a double date with Fozzie and Becky where Kermit thought Becky might be cheating at history trivia.