In the latest episode of ABC's "The Muppets" titled "The Ex-Factor," it seems that after being single for a long time, Kermit will realise he has feelings for someone again.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, after trying desperately to find a perfect gift for Denise, Kermit visits Miss Piggy for help and discusses with her as to what sort of gift Denise would love.

It seems that while having a close interaction with Piggy, Kermit felt, a little awkwardly, that his old feelings for her are surfacing again. Piggy is also aware of it and senses the same thing is happening with her too.

Meanwhile, Kristin Chenoweth guest stars on the show and does a gig with the house band The Electric Mayhem. She seemingly enjoys the gig and was delighted to realize how brilliantly the band plays.

Kermit has been pondering upon his relationship with Piggy lately, and when he encounters her alone, the old memories come flooding back. Piggy also seems to be affected by it and shares a brief but emotional moment with Kermit.

In the previous episode titled "Walk the Swine," Piggy had a brawl with Reese Witherspoon (who previously defeated her and grabbed the lead female role in "Walk the Line") when they both were volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

In the meantime, Becky was annoyed by Fozzie's lame jokes and warned him that if he didn't stop doing it, she would break up with him. Initially Fozzie thought she was just joking but eventually found out that she was serious.

Elsewhere, Rizzo had a terrible accident where he crashed his car into Scooter. Rizzo was horrified and thought that Scooter was badly injured, but thankfully, Scooter was fine. He got extremely angry and thrashed Rizzo for it afterwards.

Whether Kermit will win back his old love or not will be found only in the next episode.