The next episode of ABC's "The Muppets" won't air before 27 October, but it seems rumours are already high about Kermit, as he plans to cause serious trouble for Miss Piggy in "Walk the Swine."

It seems after their break-up, things are not going well for Kermit and Piggy. While Piggy is trying her best not to think of the past by keeping herself busy with work, Kermit is desperately trying to get normal again.

However, no matter how hard he tries, things are not looking up for him and he often finds himself planning to take revenge on Piggy.

Earlier, we had reported that in the previous episode titled "Pig Out," after a late night party, everyone was too tired to get up early and Kermit was annoyed when no one showed at work the following day.

It seems his separation with Piggy is taking a toll on Kermit and he is having more mood swings than ever. At times, he even shouts at his colleagues and behaves badly. While Fozzie is wondering what the matter is, he is not very sure what is making Kermit so grumpy.

Kermit and the gang ran into Ed Helms at Rowlf's Tavern where they had late night karaoke session due to which nobody showed up at work the next day which highly annoyed Kermit.

Elsewhere, Fozzie accidentally injured Statler and was terrified at his act. Determined to rectify his mistake, he decided to go to great lengths to make things right.

Christina Applegate also made a guest appearance on Miss Piggy's late-night show. Meanwhile, Pepe, Rizzo and Liam Hemsworth weighed in on Gonzo's online dating problems.

It seems the grumpiness of Kermit is affecting Piggy of late as after an argument with Applegate, she was left humiliated and planned to prank Applegate back with Scooter's help.

Though no information regarding Kermit and Piggy's relationship has been revealed yet, it seems they will get back together soon. However, whether it happens in the next episode or not will be known when "Walk the Swine" airs on 27 October.