Benjamin David
Benjamin DavidYoutube/BBC Capital

 A man in Munich named Benjamin David swims to work just to avoid the heavy traffic on the way. Here is how he makes it possible:

  • David makes sure that every morning he checks the temperature and speed of the water. Apart from these, he also checks the water level before he decides to swim to work.
  • Once he is sure that it's perfect, he puts on his swim suit, packs his things and puts it in a waterproof bag.
  • However, the kind of wetsuit he would wear depends on the temperature. It can be short or long wetsuit accordingly.
  • He swims daily for 2km down the Isar River to work as the traffic next to the river is really bad. And, this way he reaches earlier than most of his colleagues who travel by bus or car.
  • He wears rubber sandals so that it doesn't hurt his feet as often there are glasses or old bicycles floating in the river.
  • In the viral video of BBC Capital, David says, "I swim every day, sometimes twice a day." However, in winter he doesn't swim.
  • He also shared that the idea of swimming came to him as the River Isar was used as a waterway for more than 150 years.