The much-awaited "Mungaaru Male 2" aka "Mungaru Male 2" has been opened to mixed reviews from the audience. The Kannada film was supposed to hit the screens on Friday, but it was delayed by a day due to the Karnataka bandh called by pro-Kannada groups..

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The movie has no connection to blockbuster "Mungaru Male," which starred Ganesh and Pooja Gandhi. The second instalment is coming up with an entirely new cast and crew, except Ganesh. The Kannada film features music by Arjun Janya, cinematography by KM Prakash and editing by Deepu S Kumar.

"Mungaaru Male 2" has Neha Shetty in female lead. Crazy Star Ravichandran will be seen as the Golden Star's father, while Aindrita Ray has enacted a key role in the Kannada flick written and directed by Shashank. Sadhu Kokila, Ravishankar and others are in the cast.

Suryakanth (Ravichandran) is a millionaire and Preetham (Ganesh) is his only son. Preetham loves to lead a happy life and seeks excitement in life. On the flip side, he loses interest on things very soon, including in his relationships too. His life takes a twist when he meets Nandhini in Rajasthan  but, she disappears without informing him. What happens next is the crux of the story. 

"Mungaru Male 2" is garnering mixed reviews from the viewers. While many have declared that the film is no match to the first instalment, some say that the Kannada film can be enjoyed if watched without expectations. The viewers say that the screenplay is not up to the mark and the second half is the only saving grace.

Overall, the film can be watched once, say cine-goers on Twitter. Below, we bring you their comments on the film:

Jagadeesh Arasoor: Marlene illa ... Routine love story,missed manu murthy music. #MungaruMale2

Prasanna Hegde: #MungaruMale2 is avg movie juz cuz of its 2nd half. 1st half is disaster n copy of #Tamasha. Music is its soul. @Official_Ganesh @cineloka

Balajeesh: @Gandhinagara @cineloka #MungaruMale2 is thoroughly an unconvincing commitment & hope they recover their IN-VEST-ment
.@Gandhinagara @cineloka Barring Songs, Dialogues, Screenplay, Characterisations, alls fine. Glad there wont b MM3
.@Gandhinagara @cineloka Looks like even if u watch without expectation u wud get disappointed :( "Ya SURE"
.@Gandhinagara @cineloka Living upto the original was never expected but atleast should hav considered living upto the HYPE :(

Priyanka: Ganesh's movie is decent entertainer.... not good .not bad..... family audience might like it. #MungaruMale2 (#MM2)
Watching the film with expectations will not help....just watch as any other Ganesh film..u will probably like it....#MungaruMale2 (#MM2)
#MungaruMale2 is fairly engaging....loved songs...screen presence of Ganesh and Ravi Mama....(#MM2)
I will rate 2.8 out of 5.. #MungaruMale2 (#MM2)
#Ganesh....grown old...still retains same charm #MungaruMale2 (#MM2)
Shall I tell u one thing... gals like salt and pepper look...and nobody can look sexier than #Ravichandran #MungaruMale2 (#MM2)
Done with the first half of #MungaruMale2. Slow pace narration
#MungaruMale2. first half - Just AVERAGE.

Goodman: #MungaruMale2 - Good watch so far.Arjun janya background score is amazing
#MungaruMale2 - Neatly made mild emotional movie.3. 75/5

Darshan: Watching #mungarumale2. First half done. Ganesh acting too good. No Rain falls seen yet. Excited to see what happens in d second half.
#mungarumale2 reminds us of #mungarumale.. Almost many of d things r repeated.. And second half is lil dragged. @Official_Ganesh 3.5stars


Wani: watchd #mm2 Crazy star-Golden star combo super-duper !! #mydaddyismyhero Navella friends yed bituu step hakdvi,
nxt daddy bday ge kuniyode

Shashiprasad S M: Talking abt d #MungaruMale2 #excitement aftr 18 min, it's taking dwn slide 18 angles! Agle Preetham ge #boring
#MungaruMale2 one more #DDLJ train scene with a twist #pullthechain twice take Andre idu mungaru male 2
Why do I #smell @deepikapadukone starrer #Tamasha in #MungaruMale2
#MungaruMale2 #interval Yet to rain again. Not much of an excitement. Huge miss is d music n d background score
#MungaruMale2 male shuru yavagide #rabbit innu sikkilla
#MungaruMale2 ends happily so big relief is dat there 'may' not be a #MungaruMale3
#MungaruMale2 - Lessons for lovers - Always wear seat belts

Rakesh KK: Till interval, the movie is just okay. Nothing extraordinary. Male has not started yet. #MM2
Shashank seems to forget the difference between AC, sleeper and second class rail compartments. Shows interchangeably. #MM2

Kannada Movie FC: #MungaruMale2 First Half
A long Loving Journey with twists . Feeling Old is Gold

Cineloka: Second half was better.. Emotions are well captured..
#MungaruMale2 - Could have been better. Not worth the hype.. The renovated feel is not heart touching. Rating - 3/5
Sariyaagi nenapide song on big screen. Amazing picturization. Whatta composition from @ArjunJanya2
#MungaruMale2 - Interval. Nothing exciting. Songs were the relief.

Chetan: #MungaruMale2 Is Super Its A Fresh And Excittment Story @Official_Ganesh Acting Was Superb
Pragath Bheemaiah: Now i want to visit Rajasthan. #MungaruMale2
In love with the heroine character.
No dull and boring moments in 1st half.

Son India: Jab we met + govindaya namaha + Mungarumale-1 + galipata = Mungarumale-2 #MungaruMale2

DK GIRISH GOWDA: #MungaruMale2 is not worth 10 years of waiting just watch it for golden star 3/5