Mumtaz the evergreen actress known for her films in the 60s and 70s has been subject to a death hoax. Since Saturday the actress has been the centre of rumours regarding her death. Just last year around the same time in May, the actress had experienced the same rumour. 

The actress talked about the death hoax on an interview saying that if she were to die her family would inform everybody. She expressed her disappointment about how this keeps happening. 

Actress Mumtaz (C) poses with her daughters as they arrive for the premiere of the film 'Sarkar Raj' on the first day of the IIFA Awards 2008INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty Images

Mumtaz falls prey to a death hoax, yet again

Mumtaz is a well-known actress who acted alongside big names in the 60s and 70s, known for roles and her work with Rajesh Khanna. The actress has now been the victim of rumours surrounding her death twice.

Last year she faced these rumours, in May and her daughter Tanya had taken to social media to put the rumours to rest and slam those spreading the hoax. Again this year since Saturday, the Bollywood actress has been facing the same issue. 

Mumtaz opened up about it to Bombay Times, "Oh! I am hale and hearty. Main abhi zinda hoon. (I am alive now.) I am glad someone called to check officially. I don't know why someone is deliberately doing this. Is it some kind of a joke? Last year, it shook my family and everyone called in, worried sick. My near and dear ones were in different parts of the world and it traumatised all of them."  Especially since it's a lockdown added to the worry about the false news. 

She further asked in outrage, "Mujhe kyun maarna chahte hain log? Jab waqt aayega to main khud hi chali jaaongi. (Why do people want to kill me? When the time comes I'll go myself.)" She said when she does go, her family will inform everybody and it won't be a secret. She said that people spread the rumour without clarifying and checking.