Investigators have spoken to the woman sister in Boston (Representational Image)
Investigators have spoken to the woman sister in Boston (Representational Image)Reuters

A Michigan woman, who considered to have died in 2008, apparently voted in 2010 gubernatorial election.

Mummified remains of the body believed to have belonged to 49-year-old, Pia Farrenkopf were found last week in her Pontiac home.

The body was discovered by a contractor who was sent to her house before foreclosing her property.

Investigators haven't yet confirmed the body to be that of Farrenkopf, whose body was found in the backseat of a jeep that was parked in the home's garage.

Experts, on the basis of initial tests, believe that the woman has been dead since 2008. However, adding to gruesome mystery, voting records shows that Farrenkopf casted her vote in 2010 election. However, authorities say that 2010 voting records may possibly be an administrative error.

Investigators are looking at the death as a homicide, according to They are on the process to match the womans's DNA samples with that of Farrenkopf's sister. They are also seeking for dental records to identify the woman.

Neighbors believed that Farrenkopf must have moved to Germany as she intended to do so. Her lawn was maintained neat and mail box never piled up. Farrenkopf's mortgage payments, her utilities and other bills went from her bank account automatically. It was only in 2013, when her bank account ran out of money, which led to the property's foreclosure and the discovery of the corpse.

Neighbors never noticed anything wrong. The woman was believed to have lived alone and often used to disappear for days or weeks on business trips.

"This is a real mystery and I expect we will get to the bottom of it, but its going to take more time," Detroit News quoted Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Farrenkopf worked with Chrysler's financing division before her service was terminated in 2008, according to Detroit News.

Investigators have spoken to the woman's sister in Boston, who informed them that the two sisters were estranged and that she has not talked to her for years.