Pedestrian walking at night
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A daring media professional in her thirties caught her harasser on the barren street in Vile Parle (E), Mumbai on Monday night for touching her inappropriately while walking past her.

After killing nearly 40 minutes at the nearest beat chowky, waiting for a woman constable, a police vehicle arrived at the spot to take them to the police station.

It took her another two and a half hours to press charges against her harasser, Sanjay Babu, after facing questions like what she had been doing out so late.

The harasser was remanded in police custody after he was produced before a Magistrate court on Tuesday.

The incident

Around 10.45 pm, on a Monday night, the woman had stepped out of her uncle's house by foot. When she reached MG cross road, a man walked past her and touched her inappropriately. Furious by his act, not only did she confront him but also reportedly hit him.

She said that she was struck by the man's courage as the road was wide enough for him and he could have walked past her at a safe distance, she told Times of India.

When she asked him to come to the police station with her, he told her that he had no problem as he had done "nothing wrong". By then the crowd had gathered to witness the whole drama.

At the chowky

The woman then dragged him to the beat chowky where she found only one constable who asked her to go to the nearest police station. The constable then started questioning Sanjay about his family while she waited for a female constable to accompany her to the station.

Around 11.40 pm, the police vehicle drove them to the station.

At the Station

Despite narrating the incident more than twice, the cop asked her unimportant details like the name of her brother and other family members and their ages. One of the personnel asked her to go for a medical check-up while another said that it was not necessary.

The lady cop wanted to know what the woman had been doing at that late hour and amidst all this chaos the printer stopped working, forcing them to step out to get photocopies of the FIR, reported TOI.

"Meanwhile, I posted the goings-on on Facebook, and a friend copied it to Mumbai police's Twitter handle. The web team checked on me. Things started moving swiftly after a senior officer arrived," she told TOI.