A shocking video showing a man trying to "kill" his mother surfaced online on Thursday, September 29.

According to reports, the incident occurred at Andheri in Mumbai. Surendra is seen choking his 80-year-old mother Mayawati Vaidya while his wife shoots the brutal act on camera.

The woman's daughter-in-law apparently told her husband: "this woman is so stubborn." The elderly woman is also seen gasping for breath in the video that has gone viral on social media.

"Is this the end of sanity? Well that seems to be the question many are asking after a shocking video of a son attempting to murder his mother, surfaced from Mumbai. And what's even more shocking? As the man tried to strangle his mother to death, his wife, daughter and sister stood by recording a video of this brutal attack," News9 wrote while sharing the terrifying footage on Facebook.

Here are few social media responses after the video went viral:

Pramila Appaiah

Oh My God Cant digest this inhuman act on mother God!!!.. he should be stoned to death in public...he must understand the pain of that Mother God suffered....

Pradeep Swain

It is too bad, one thing you remember, one day you will feel more difficulties than your mom.

Siva Kumaran

It's very sad!! To see family getting in such nightmare!!! As these people don't realise life is short!! And nothing is permanent in this world!!

Watch the video here: