An American woman, who alleged a man masturbated at her in south Mumbai's Colaba area on Monday morning, has sought help on Twitter to nab the alleged culprit by posting his image.

Maryanna Abdo said the man ran away when she confronted him.

The incident took place at about 7.50 am near Jenkins House in Henry Road in Colaba. The woman said she got help from two men who came forward to help her.

Her appeal to help in nabbing the culprit triggered a flurry of responses on Twitter. 

 One user said it's unfortunate that the incident happened in Colaba, considered safe for women. 

@MaryAbdo OMG! And I always thought Colaba was a safe place for women. Name and shame is a good strategy. Shall RT!

  -Ananth Rupanagudi,  August 17, 2015