Richa Chadha
Richa Chadha in Love SoniaPR handout

Richa Chadha, who played a sex worker named Madhuri in Love Sonia, has been receiving emails and letters in person and on social media from NGO workers who work with victims of trafficking, a few of them were victims themselves, men and women, have all been reaching out and thanking the actress on her role. The Tabrez Noorani directorial venture delves into the heart breaking life of the global flesh trade.

But one such message that caught Richa's eye was from a friend, Priyanka Halli who is the Chief Medical Officer of an organisation which helps children rescued from trafficking. They raise funds or the case of rehabilitation of such children and help rescue efforts. She expressed her gratitude to Richa to help make awareness available through films like Love Sonia, because upon watching the film a leader of a firm in Mumbai made a generous donation of 8 Lakhs to the organisation to help them in their efforts.

Speaking about it, Richa said, "This is reason we do what we do as actors. A lot of press asked me why I agreed to do a supporting role in a film. But after my friend who helps raise finds for trafficked girls and women, it made me realise that its sometimes compassion that drives us as artists."

Priyanka Halli, the Chief Medical Officer of Emancipaction and friend of Richa's, said, "Noorani's Love Sonia is a painfully realistic portrayal of one girl's story. But there are more than a million stories of children trafficked into, out of and through our country for sexual exploitation. As an organization that seeks to protect and heal children who have faced such horrors, EmancipAction is unable to share the stories of the girls we work with - and thus, raising the support necessary to help them heal and transform their lives can be difficult. We are grateful to the team of Love Sonia for compelling others to join the fight against child sex trafficking.In fact, after the movie premiered in Mumbai we received a generous contribution of 8 lakhs from the leader of local business who said that the movie helped understand why EmancipAction's trauma care intervention is so important for these children."