Local train crashes into Chruchgate station platform
Four people were injured as a local fast train overshot its stoppage and crashed into a Chruchgate platform on 28 June, 2015.Twitter

A Mumbai local train on Sunday overshot its stoppage point and crashed into the platform at Churchgate station at a high speed. Four people were injured the accident.

NDTV reported that the motorman lost control of the local train as he could not apply brakes on time. 

The fast train from Bhayander slammed into the end of the platform number 3 of Churchgate station at around 11.25am. The impact of the collision threw the first coach of the local train on one side of the platform, the PTI reported.

An eye witness told the Indian Express that one coach of the train crashed out of the platform and came 'dangerously' close to a coffee shop at the station.

Since it was a Sunday, a disaster was averted as Churchgate is one of the busiest stations on the Western Railway line.

"There were four passengers who sustained minor injuries. The motorman LS Tiwary has also sustained injuries. The coach was badly damaged," divisional railway manager of Western Railways Shailendra Kumar told the Indian Express.

"Being Sunday the platform was not so crowded, else it would have resulted in a big disaster," Kumar added.

The Western Railways line from Churchgate terminus carries over 2 million passengers everyday.

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Agasthiya Jaiswal ‏@Jaiswalism

What happened at #Churchgate station is horrifying. Never thought that could happen. No one got hurt I hope.

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Think I've seen every angle of the train captured by people at #Churchgate station on Twitter.

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Mumbai: Local train crashes into platform at #Churchgate Station