An Indian Air Force (IAF) Mi 17 helicopter made an emergency landing at Bandra-Kurla complex in Mumbai on Wednesday afternoon, reports said.

The pilot reportedly was forced to land the plane in the populated area due to hydraulic failure. The IAF personnel are at the spot and have secured the area. Local police also reportedly are at the scene.

The pilot and the crew are safe. There were six people in the aircraft when it landed at a playground in Bandra-Kurla complex. 

It is being reported that the plane was headed towards IAF Mumbai airbase, when the Mi17 helicopter developed a technical snag in its hydraulic system.

The pilot immediately requested clearance to make an emergency landing.

According to ABP News, there were several children playing in the open ground, when the IAF chopper made the emergency landing.

The glitch was fixed after almost an hour, following which the aircraft flew back to the IAF base.