A 27-year-old engineering graduate, who left for Afghanistan last November in search of a job, has gone missing.

Hamid Ansari, who hails from Mumbai, went to Afghanistan to find an aviation engineering job after he failed to get one in India. He had gone on a 30-day visa and had promised his family that he would return back on 12 November.

When he failed to come back untill 15th of November, his parents contacted the Kabul airport to check if their son's name was on the passenger list. His name was not in the list and family members are now worried that he might have crossed into Pakistan.

"He promised to return on 12th, I waited till the 15th. Then I got Kabul airport's number from the Internet and called them to ask if my son's name was in the passenger list. There was no such passenger," Hamid Ansari mother Fauzia Ansari said, according to CNN-IBN.

Hamid's father Nehal Ansari, an investment banker, approached the Afghanistan consulate to trace him. Although there are records of Hamid staying in the country, there are no clues as to what happened to him after 12 November.

Worried about their son's disappearance, the family began accessing his email and facebook accounts. They found that he had sent his last mail to one Saba Khan from an Islamabad IP address. According to the mail, Hamid had crossed into Pakistan on instructions from two Pakistani nationals - Atta-ur-Rehman and Saba Khan.

Hamid had been in constant contact with Atta-ur-Rehman which is evident in his call records. "He had a vast network of friends in Afghanistan and Pakistan. When we started reading some of the chats, I got really scared. Some of them were telling him how to cross the border without a visa," Fauzia told CNN-IBN.

According to his parents, Hamid was inspired by Pakistani icon Malala Yousafzai and wanted to promote education for girls. Some of his friends on the social networking site had claimed that he had reportedly tried to save a Pakistani girl from getting married against her wishes. 

The family members are worried that the Pakistani authorities might treat Hamid like Sarabjit Singh, who died of grievous head injuries on Thursday (2 April) after languishing in a Pakistan jail for over two decades.

Hamid's family has filed a complaint in Versova police station in Mumbai. They have also written to Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, State home minister RR Patil and to the external affairs ministry. They are also in contact with the Kabul consulate.