Mumbai's historic railway station Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on Sunday showed solidarity for Paris, which was shaken by the terror attacks last Friday, but instead being illuminated with the French flag, it lit up in the Dutch tricolour.

"The world stands with Paris at this moment. Since the 26/11 attacks were of a similar nature and the CST station was also targeted then, the Central Railways has decided to stand by France in this moment of grief and express its support. The CST station will be illuminated with the French flag from between 7 pm and 11 pm," a spokesperson for Central Railways reportedly said.

Both the Dutch and French flag consist of similar colours, but the colour stripes are laid horizontally in the Dutch (Netherlands) flag and vertically in the French. The French flag has blue band on the left, white at the centre and red on the right of the flag, while the Dutch flag has red at the top, white at the centre and blue at the bottom of the flag.

After illuminating CST in wrong flag, the Chief Public Relations Officer Central Railways Narendra tweeted saying the Indian Railways had said French colours and not flag. "We said French colors , not flag, see these monuments also," he said.

On the night of 13 November, eight terrorists attacked six locations in Paris, including restaurants and cafes, killing 129 people and injuring more than 130. Isis or the Islamic State later took responsibility for the attacks.