Transgender asked to vacate flat
Joe Paul was asked to vacate flat even before the expiry of her contract for being a transgender.Twitter/ANI

A broker allegedly forced a tenant to vacate her rented flat in Jogeshwari, a western suburb of Mumbai, as she was a transgender.

The Supreme Court of India recognises transgenders under the "third gender" category.

Joe Paul, filmmaker by profession, said that she was asked to vacate the flat because the owner felt transgenders were not meant to live in a "family society", ANI reports.

She was allegedly asked to vacate just three months after shifting to the flat and even before her contract expired.

In May, a Gujarat woman, Misbah Quadri, stated that she was forced to vacate her flat for being a Muslim. However, days after the news surfaced, another report emerged proving her accusations wrong. The report revealed that she was asked to leave the flat for being unable to present documents required for renting a house.