The pressure on students is immense in the Indian society that measures academic success by grades. Compounding their woes are the overwhelming expectations from their parents to secure high marks and outperform their peers—the failure to accomplish this draws crippling scrutiny. However, the parents of a Class 10 student from Mumbai have broken away from this tradition and set an emulatable example.

In a viral video, a family from Thane, Mumbai, can be seen celebrating their son's scoring of 35 percent in his Class 10 board examinations. The clip was shared on a popular social media platform by Awanish Sharan, an IAS officer, and has garnered over 485,000 views. Importantly, the video has received a positive response from netizens, who praised the family's supportive attitude.

The boy, Vishal Karad, a student from a Marathi medium school, told the media that he had not expected to pass his Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations. "I feel that I managed to clear the exams only due to constant encouragement from my parents," he acknowledged.

Celebrating Acheivements... Big or Small

Mumbai boy
Vishal and his family celebrating him passing his Class 10 examinationsTwitterScreenshot/@AwanishSharan

Vishal scored 35 marks in all six subjects in the SSC exams. By doing so, he managed to meet the minimum overall percentage required to pass the examination: 35 percent. While this may be considered a disappointing performance by most parents in the country, Vishal's humble family is overjoyed by his achievement.

Ashok, Vishal's father, who is an autorickshaw driver, told TOI, "Many parents may be celebrating their children's high scores, but for us Vishal's 35 percent holds a lot of importance as he has done us proud by clearing his SSC exams." Vishal's mother, who possesses a congenital limb defect, is employed as a maid.

Prior to the commencement of Vishal's Class 10 academic year, his family relocated from Shivai Nagar to Uthalsar in Thane, a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Though the move burdened the financially strained family with additional travel expenses—to and from school—for their son, they remained steadfast in their support for him.

Netizens Praise Family's Attitude

The heartwarming video has received largely positive comments from netizens, who lauded the parents for their outlook. "Congratulations to the boy for getting through and to the parents for being the parents every student needs," a user wrote.

Another approving comment read, "This celebration will definitely motivate that boy and that will be more effective than any punishment." Relating to Vishal's experience, a user narrated: "I failed in 9th, topped in 12th, was rejected by many top pharmas but got chance to work with Pfizer. It's just like that few things are destined. Gl beta!"

"Recently I heard of a Friends kid who committed suicide for getting only 95%. Perhaps we should start preparing kids for accepting failures like this family. Nothing is more valuable than a precious life," said a comment. Another user humorously wrote: "Very good. Well done. Try to score 36 next time. Jokes apart this is a welcome move life needs not be only about marks!"