Dr. Ankur Pare
Dr. Ankur Pare

His long-established career in sociology, extensive social work at the ground level, and his achievements speak for themselves, Dr. Ankur Pare is a sociologist par excellence and a philanthropist at heart. His journey to fame is the result of his consistent hard work and innate desire to work for the deprived section. A Post-Doctoral Research Fellow from ICSSR, Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India, he has an immaculate academic background.

Dr. Ankur Pare belongs to a village from Harda district of Madhya Pradesh. Getting a good education was a great task where infrastructure was weak. His initial schooling was done in the village school only. Although the level of formal school education wasn't great in the village, he learned a lot about village life practically, which kept him rooted and attached to the grass-root level throughout and motivated him to work in the social sector in later life.

He did graduation from Barkatullah University Bhopal and after master's degree he went on to Do M. Phil and then Ph.D. He completed his Doctorate under the guidance of renowned educationist and sociologist Dr. Asha Singh from Barkatullah University Bhopal. He has also done Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application.

The consummate combination of his education and the rural background has enthused innate desire to work for the upliftment of the deprived rural sector as well as displaced populace due to several socio-economic reasons.

His credentials in the research field are also remarkable. Not only many of his research papers are published in national and international journals, but he has also participated in various seminars and workshops across India and off-shore. He has done significant research in almost every relevant field affecting the socio-economics of the country, which include economic development and development projects, Environmental movement and development, Sustainable development, Irrigation and Mining Projects, Regionalism, and Alienisms, Urbanization and industrialization. He has also presented seminar papers on various socio-economic issues.

What makes him more praiseworthy that not only he is a great scholar but a great social-reformist as well. He has been working extensively in rural as well as industrial sectors for the rights and betterment of the deprived section. He has worked with farmers to train them in advanced techniques of agriculture, to ensure that they get maximum profit from their lands. He is a firm believer in gender equality and understands the importance of education in leveling the gender biases. He has worked with rural people to re-instate the education of girl-children who had dropped out of school. Not only this he has also contributed to the construction of ponds and soakage pits in rural areas for ensuring water conservation. He also organizes various social awareness camps which include camps on Adult education, skill development, AIDS awareness, Eye donations awareness, etc.

He has been awarded by Indira Gandhi RashtriyaSevaYojna Award by the Government of India and the Madhya Pradesh Rajya Star RashtriyaSevaYojna Award by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

He has another feather to his hat that he is an accomplished author as well. His book 'Sociological study of displaced families' is an eye-opener and talks about the mass displacement of families due to various reasons and various associated factors.

So many qualities are rare to find in a single person at a time. Dr. Ankur Pare is an asset to society. His work for the social and industrial sector is beyond the words of praise. But besides all these achievements or maybe because of these achievements he is a firmly grounded person for whom the sky is the limit.