Sudeep with Upendra
Sudeep and Upendra's Mukunda Murari will hit the screens on Friday.PR Handout

Much-awaited movie Mukunda Murari, featuring two big stars Upendra and Sudeep, is releasing on Friday, October 28. The movie is written and directed by Nanda Kishore of Victory and Ranna fame.

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Mukunda Murari is the Kannada remake of critically-acclaimed and commercially successful Hindi movie Oh My God. It is a satirical-comedy film, which has Nikita Thukral, who recently married her boyfriend Gagandeep Singh Mago, Ravi Shankar, Devaraj, Prakash Belawadi, Avinash, Tabla Nani and others in the cast. The film has Arjun Janya's music, Sudhakar S Raj's cinematography, and JM Prakash's editing.

The story of the film revolves around atheist Mukunda (Upendra) and Lord Krishna aka Murari (Sudeep). Nikita plays Uppi's wife, Tabla Nani his assistant and Devaraj will be seen as a lawyer. P Ravi Shankar and Avinash will be doing the roles of swamijis.

The film tries to expose how religious leaders create fears in the minds of people about god and exploit their belief to make money. The film takes an interesting turn when Uppi drags them into court when his sole source of income is lost due to an "act of god".

His character is tested when it seems like the entire universe is against him and even his family does not stand by him when he faces the biggest battle of his life. Who comes to his rescue? Will he succeed in his mission? What role does Krishna play in the story? Answers to all these queries form the interesting part of the story.

Mukunda Murari raises serious questions regarding our spiritual practices and puts humanity ahead of any religion.

Below, we bring you audience's response to the Kannada film:

Shankar Ganesh: Done with the first half. #MukundaMurari is entertaining so far.
Guys, don't compare OMG with @KicchaSudeep and @nimmaupendra 's #MukundaMurari. Original will always remains special.

Nikhil HS: @nimmaupendra @KicchaSudeep Highlighting thng in #MukundaMurari ws screenplay. The movie s so fast ppl never get bored in a single scene too
@nimmaupendra sir watched #MukundaMurari movie.. yours, @KicchaSudeep & RaviShankar sir's acting is soo descent and awesome sir
@nimmaupendra @KicchaSudeep #MukundaMurari Is a fully packed family entertaining movie with a good concept.. #MustWatchMovieOfTheYear

Rohith s Gowda: @KicchaSudeep @nimmaupendra when two legendary actors will be the result of #MukundaMurari .what a movie to be watched..

Arun N Bharadwaj: #MukundaMurari Thoughtfully engaging, Very good narration & a complete family entertainer. None can beat #Ravishankar in acting #Kannada.

Cineloka: #MukundaMurari -A social message conveyed well in an entertaining way. Tailor made role for @nimmaupendra. @KicchaSudeep ws gud too. 3.5/5
"Gopala Ba" song featuring @KicchaSudeep ,Bhavana Menon,Rachitha Ram & NandaKishora is picturized very well.. Superb Music by @ArjunJanya3
#MukundaMurari - Good first half.. @nimmaupendra rocked in Court scene. Dialogues.
@KicchaSudeep makes his entry jus before interval..
Dialogues are really good.. Hilarious scenes.. @nimmaupendra

Prashant Bhat: #MukundaMurari - Better than OMG(Hindi). Haven't seen Telugu version. @nimmaupendra has done justice to his role!:)