Mukti Gautam
Mukti Gautam

A Health Coach, a Fitness trainer, an Environmentalist, a YouTube sensation, a Business Woman and whatnot! All these accolades are just in the name of one person, MUKTI GAUTAM! Just like her name, Mukti is bringing mukti (relief) from all one person's woes.

Born and brought up in a small village, Brahmanbeli, Solan District, Himachal Pradesh, her family decided to shift to Chandigarh for good exposure to their children despite the financial challenges. She says, "My father was a liberal person, modern enough to raise an independent daughter. He always encouraged me and was at my back like a rock, so I didn't quiver." With her strong family support, she stayed rooted and focused on her dreams, and to achieve big.

From the very childhood, she is a fitness enthusiast, a national-level taekwondo player, and a state-level kho-kho player, and having a place in other sports nurtured healthy competition, a sense of sportsmanship, and the zeal to fight in her.

Maintaining the balance in life with sports on one hand, and education on another, she got a scholarship in Panjab University for her post-graduation in Environment sciences. Soon after completion, she devoured herself into Solid Waste Management under "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan", and also worked as a consultant at Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development. Passionate about fitness, she side by side got the certification as Fitness Coach, and started her journey on YouTube with a self-titled Channel, to help out everyone, especially the women who perhaps didn't have many reliable videos to opt for. Her YouTube videos related to PCOS speaks volume of her ingenuity. Everything started working out, and she was awarded "The best fitness blogger" in 2019 and got featured in TLJ Fitness Magazine.

But as they say, a person can achieve every milestone if they believe in themselves, she aimed at big and something credible, MuktiGautam wanted to start her own business now. With her brother, Aditya Gautam as her co-partner, she started her brand "OM DHATU" to carry the ancestor's legacy, bringing a revolution in the market. She is very proud of the fact that her company has 100% women employment to support and encourage young women's participation.

Apart from this, one can see her fun, entertaining side on her other channels, such as "Foodie We" where she with Onkar and Aditya Gautam, review various food items and try a variety of foods pan INDIA! Having a following of 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. She also has another channel "OMG Vlogs", where she tries to produce content as candid as possible, and with transparency connects with her audience, the vlogs of daily value make her one of the most likable influencers out there. she has now over 7 lakh subscribers on this channel. Her essence has an imprint on Instagram with the username @muktigautam. She has 307K followers who see her for guidance, and health tips.

As of now, she is one of the leading figures in the fitness sector, where many males have already established their cultures. She is bashing all the dogmas and stereotypes out there and is rising above them. She aims to bring the world better, healthier, and more refreshing days. She also wants to do a lot of work in the field of Environment, and women's upliftment. Passionate about the many causes, She defies to stop and work herself up despite adversities. She is truly an example of what a self-made woman is capable of doing, and we look forward to what more changes for the better she is out to create!