Mugen Rao
Mugen Rao to be out of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house in its eighth week?PR Handout

Mugen seems to be paying a heavy price for his repeated outbursts in the last two weeks in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house as people want to see his eviction. From being a favourite contestant, his popularity has witnessed a sudden dip after his cool during a heated argument with Abhirami Venkatachalam, who was expected to be out of the house at the start of this week.

In a poll conducted by the International Business Times over this week's elimination, Mugen has got the highest number of votes for eviction as he received 27.94 percent of votes from our readers. He had received least number of votes in the first few days, but people's perception on him changed within a matter of hours after he tried to throw the chair during the argument with Abhirami.

Madhumitha, who hogged the limelight in the last two episodes with her arguments with the boys' gang, is in the second place. She has got 20.34 percent of votes, while 19.12 percent of people want to see Abhirami's eviction. Losliya and Kavin have got 16.33 and 16.26 percent of votes, respectively.

Looking at the votes, one gets an impression that there is a tough battle among five contestants over this week's elimination as the votes have clearly divided among the inmates. Although this poll predicts Mugen's eviction, there is a high chance of one among Abhirami, Losliya and Kavin being evicted from Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

While Abhirami has failed to entertain the viewers, Losliya, who had won the hearts of youths in the early weeks, has lost a sizeable fan base after failing to take a stand on crucial issue in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Further, her teaming up with Kavin backfired her to some extent.

Kavin's disrespectful comments on Kasturi and his overall behaviour have come under scrutiny.