YouTube: Scott Waring

An unidentified flying object (UFO) apparently snapped on September 3 in the skies of Perrysville, Ohio is now the hottest point of debate among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The image apparently captured in broad daylight is now being probed by MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

After analyzing the image, popular UFO researcher Scott C Waring strongly argued that the black triangular object spotted in the skies of Ohio could be an irrefutable proof of alien existence. Waring also wrote on his website UFO Sightings Daily that the object spotted in the skies is not manmade nor natural.

"The UFO is also throwing a shadow onto the cloud below which is 100% amazing, because this means that UFO was freaking huge! I'm talking several times bigger than a 747. The object also resembles a Pterodactyl, a flying dinosaur. Because it is throwing a huge shadow on the cloud, that means this was giant in size, ruling out remote control planes, drones, kites, balloons...this one is a true mystery," wrote Waring on his website.

Scott C Waring later shared a video of the eerie sighting on his YouTube channel where it racked up more than 1000 views. Most of the viewers who watched the video seem convinced about the claims made by Waring, and they believe the triangular UFO spotted in the skies is an unquestionable proof which substantiates the existence of extraterrestrials.

Interestingly, the UFO spotted in Ohio shares striking similarities with the triangular aircraft which conspiracy theorists often call TR-3B, the alleged anti-gravity military vessel developed by the US Airforce during the Gulf war.

The report of the new UFO sighting came just a few days after three glowing unidentified objects were spotted in Baji California, Mexico. The objects spotted in Baji California seem intact in the skies, but it emanated lights from its body in the eeriest manner.