MTV's "Scream", which was premiered on 30 June, has received great reviews from the fans. A take on the iconic dialogue "Hello, Sydney" form the original slasher film series, the upcoming episode 2, "Hello, Emma", is also expected to do the same.

In episode 1, the first kill by the masked murderer was seen by viewers, when Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne) died, and the people of Lakewood are noticing the strange elements. In fact, many are linking to the murderous rampage that occurred in the town 20 years ago.

The death of Nina also leads Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) to reveal to Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) that she was with Nina, when the viral video of Audrey kissing a girl was shot. In episode 1, Audrey was shown to own a photo of Brandon James, the mass murderer from 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, Noah (John Karna) is disclosing some insight on Lakewood's murders – past and present. To find out more about the murder of Nina and those to follow, watch "Scream" on Tuesday, 7 July, at 10pm (EST) on MTV.

You can also stream the episodes on MTV Website and Hulu.