MTV's "Scream" did not feature any murder in two consecutive episodes, but it remains a fan-favourite and is bringing in exceedingly good ratings. Also, it has been renewed for Season 2. On Tuesday, 4 August, the first season's episode 6, titled "Betrayed", will be aired.

In "Exposed", a sex tape of Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and her boyfriend Will (Connor Weil) went viral and she learned the valuable lesson: "Trust No One". It is one of the most important lessons we have taken from the slasher movies as well; in fact, trusting no one is a sure way to ensure safety. But, so is staying a virgin; and that ship has sailed for both Emma and Will.

So, could Will be the next victim? The trailer for "Scream" that was released at comic con showed Will getting attacked by the masked killer. It looks like it is the right time for him to get murdered as he is merely a red herring in the story, which is mainly about Emma.

As the body counts keep increasing, Emma is trying to uncover more secrets of the people she thought she was close to, especially after Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) is taken by the policemen for questioning. She also wants to get over her fear of Brandon James and asks Kieran (Amadeus Serafino) to go with her to the serial killer's house.

Watch out for Season 1 episode 6 of MTV's "Scream" at 10.00 pm (EST) on Tuesday, 4 August. You can also live stream "Betrayed" via MTV on Demand.