Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, the name is enough for you to get your seats booked at a theatre. But there are a few more reasons why "MSG 2 – The Messenger" should be on your weekend watch-list.

The name

He is like a brand, almost like the Khans of B-Town.

Gurmeet brought Gurgaon traffic to a stand-still after nearly 1 lakh people gathered at the Leisure Valley Park, Gurgaon, to watch his film's premiere. Also, he's a delight to listen to off-screen, which will surely translate onto the big screen.

Elements of a pot-boiler

Elaborate action sequences, lavish sets, loud clothes and dramatic dialogues – all of this are key ingredients of an entertainer. And the makers of "MSG 2" have modelled their film keeping in mind the above mentioned pointers.

Additionally, some of the stunts are done by Gurmeet sans body doubles. Reportedly, he walked a distance of roughly 300 feet on a wire with only a hook attached to his waist in one take.


The storyline is novel and comes with a social message that has several takers.

Bhangarh fort

Bhangarh fort is one of the most dreaded locations of Rajasthan as there have been several stories hinting at the presence of unholy spirits. Also, there were conjectures of people visiting the place after sundown going missing or even killed. So, scenes shot at the fort will make for an interesting watch.