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The upcoming biopic on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, titled "MS Dhoni: The Untold Story," will reportedly reveal a tragic story about the cricketer's first love. The movie is said to include a part about his first girlfriend, who died in an accident.

"MS Dhoni: The Untold Story" features Sushant Singh Rajput portraying the character of the Indian cricket team captain. The movie has been directed by Neeraj Pandey.

The biopic shows that Dhoni, as a 20-something struggling cricketer, was in love with a girl named Priyanka Jha and even wanted to marry her. This was also the time when Mahi was trying to secure a place in the Indian cricket team. Soon he started to show his prowess on the field and became a rising star. He received accolades after helping India A squad win a tri-series in 2003-2004, following which there was no looking back for the sportsman.

However, the time when his career was blooming also saw a dark phase in MS Dhoni's life when his then girlfriend Priyanka died in an accident, according to Mumbai Mirror. He came to know about the tragic incident after he returned home and was distraught with grief for around a year. The report also said that his close associates had then thought that the incident would totally break Dhoni but the cricketer fought back the tragedy and rose to great success.

Dhoni is happily married to Sakshi now.

Director Neerja Pandey wanted to show this stage in the Indian skipper's life in the movie as it is said to have marked an important turning point in his career. Although Dhoni was initially sceptical about incorporating this story in the movie, he later agreed and gave his consent to the makers of "MS Dhoni: The Untold Story."

While Sushant plays the titular role in the film, Kiara Advani will be seen as Dhoni's wife Sakshi and Anupam Kher will portray the character of his father, Pan Singh. The biopic will be released on Sept. 30.