Mruga Umrania

What really helps people become the success story they always aimed to become, depends on so many different factors and, most importantly, on how these individuals choose to walk their paths, what roads they take, how they move ahead, and what choices they make along their journeys in turning into a successful name. However, Mruga Umrania, who is a rising name in the artistic and media space across India is the one, who believes that people who go beyond their own expectations and make sure to put in efforts that can gradually take them forward in their niches are those who quite early in their journeys can taste success.

She did the same; instead of focusing on earning overnight or quick success, she focused on going slow but steady to earn great work and turn into an excellent model and artist by learning new things at every step of her way. This is how earning work as a model with multiple brands could become possible for her, which also took her toward the big screen, working in films like Liger and Manto, with actors like Vijay Deverakonda and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, respectively, while also working with big and small production houses.

She has been creating a lot of buzz lately for her new music video under Tips, which she shot recently, directed by choreographer and director Feroz Khan. She says that working with an artist like him was a one-of-a-kind experience, and she can't wait for the audiences to see what they have created together.

Besides this, she (@mrugaumrania) did the same recently with her latest Punjabi rap song titled "5-7 Gallan," feat. Browniee, under Evol Music. This particular song has gone viral on social media, where more and more people and influencers are seen making reels on the same. So far, 11.2K reels are already made. The song on YouTube has been garnering an increasing number of views and streams and continues to grow each day.

Check out the song here,