MRI Scanner image of two people kissing
MRI Scanner image of two people kissingScreenshot/Youtube

Ever wondered what goes on within the body when you are engaged in intercourse? With this Not suitable/safe for work (NSFW) video posted by VOX featuring footage from various MRI scanners allow for viewers to get a glimpse of what goes on inside the human body as it engages in activities from drinking pineapple juice to full-bore coitus.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging peers into the body by mapping the position of water molecules, which exist at different densities in different types of tissue. Moreover, unlike X-Rays and CT Scans, MRIs do not use harmful radiations, meaning it is possible for technicians to make enough images to make a moving picture.

With the help of strong magnetic fields that interact with the protons in the human body, cinematic MRIs not only offer an impressive view of the human body, but also the human life.

The educational video shows the movements of the right and left ventricle pumps when looked at from the cross-section of the heart from below, the movement of the lungs and how oesophagus and larynx accommodate the gulping down of pineapple juice.

The MRI movie shows how the tongue of a horn player moves and demonstrates how the heart starts beating faster when someone's excited, for example, while kissing, and how it is the uvula that moves when someone speaks German and it is the vocal chords that are put to use while speaking Chinese.

The video also contains footage of not just a foetus in the mother's womb, but also that of twins and aptly ends with the MRI footage of a live birth.

The viral video has over 1,775,591 hits on YouTube and has inspired some silly comments such as "New genre of porn!" and "bet this is what satan jacks off to". 

Some users engaged in educational debates as well, with issacg commenting, "The note about MRIs not using harmful radiation is not true. Nuclear used to be in the name of MRIs. It was called nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. They got rid of nuclear obviously because people are scared of getting radiation."

John Meacham replied to this with, "You are correct that they got rid of the 'nuclear' because people are afraid of radiation but wrong in that there was never any nuclear radiation associated with MRI machines to begin with. The nuclear refers to the fact that it is imaging nuclei, in particular the nucleus of hydrogen atoms, not that it uses nuclear radiation in any form."

In another video posted on YouTube in February 2013, the first-ever recorded passionate French kiss of a couple in an MRI scanner at 3 Tesla magnetic field strength, the fast beating of the hearts can be clearly seen along with the movement of the tongues.