Stephanie Corneliussen, who portrays the character of Joanna Wellick in USA Network's drama-thriller series "Mr Robot," recently discussed about her character in the upcoming season and hinted at what fans can expect from it.

Talking with Bustle, Corneliussen said that till now, Joanna mostly remained under profiled and let her husband, Tyrell (Martin Wallstrom), did the field work. However, she added that her character will have a stronger role in the second season and she will go to any extent to find her missing husband.

Talking about how intense her character will be, Corneliussen said: "It's so funny, Rami [Malek] and I were talking about that not very long ago. It just flew out of my mouth, I went, 'You're a great player. But I'm the coach.' She's mentally unstable too, in some senses."

Besides her character being explored with more details, Joanna's past and origins will be also highlighted in the upcoming season.

"We get a little better idea of where Joanna comes from in season 2. There are subtle hints of what kind of lifestyle she comes from, what kind of life she lived before Tyrell," Corneliussen said.

"She comes from a certain family where teen pregnancy certainly isn't accepted. It wasn't her decision to give up the baby, and obviously this is something that has been tormenting her; but at the same time, she's a master of shutting down emotions."

Though Corneliussen discussed several details of her character, she kept mum on the whereabouts of Tyrell. She said that she can't tell anything about it as she has no idea where he could have been. However, she was happy about Tyrell's growth.

In an interview with Star Pulse, she said: "Seeing him lose control was intense to play but it's also something we haven't seen much before. And I like that because you know these [types of] characters. They're in control when they start and they're in control when they end, so this was interesting."

"Mr Robot" Season 2 is all set to premiere on July 13 on USA Network.