The first season finale of "Mr. Robot" was aired on 2 September and like the rest of the episodes, it received widespread acclaim from critics for acting, cinematography, and unparallelled technological accuracy.

New episodes of season 2 are more likely to be premiered by USA Network either late June or July, 2016. Given that season 1 got positive ratings and attention, there is no reason for it to be shifted to another time slot.

In season 2, the biggest challenge for the series would be to continue creating surprises while moving forward. Elliot has often proved himself to be an unreliable narrator and you do have to wonder whether he can be believed or not once the series returns.

Another challenge for the series would be the fate of many of the characters once the surprise factor is over.

The character of White Rose was unexpectedly brought into spotlight in the series finale. The character's interaction with a member of Evil Corp at a party was fascinating, as it raised questions regarding their ties and the final destiny of the character.

Many things left us wondering about what would happen next, but the biggest concern is about Elliot's future. Is he happy with the fact that 'fsociety' has some notoriety? He may be, but "Mr. Robot" is much more complicated than emotions.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, series creator Sam Esmail said: "I've always said that the first season was the first act of my feature, so this is what I meant. I wanted the story of Mr. Robot to be Elliot actually accomplishing his goal, setting the world into chaos. What would happen to society if something like this occurred where, basically, if the consumer debt industry were to be erased? What are the economics of that? What would the world look like? Would there be a revolution? Would governments take over? Would businesses take over? To me, that canvas was something I was interested in exploring so, for me, that's what that last scene sets up. We're about to watch Rome burn. That's the world Elliot's going to enter next season."

The challenge for Sam Esmail to meet the expectations in the next series is indeed high, but given that he has created such an incredible story with season 1, we can hope for more from him next summer too when hopefully season 2 will be aired.